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Amel Super Maramu 2000

Onan MDKAL Exhaust Elbow Replacement

As part of preventive maintenance, I decided to change the Onan Generator Exhaust Mixing Elbow.

Spare parts needed:

Exhaust Mixing Elbow is part# 155-3261-02 (E086)
Exhaust gasket is part# 185-6853 now call: A028X874
4 x bolt Mixer Elbow 0815-0916 (which I did not use) To make it download friendly, I divided the document in 6 sections:

Part 1
location of the Exhaust Mixing Elbow

Part 2
Exhaust Mixing Elbow removal

Part 3
Inspecting old Exhaust Mixing Elbow

Part 4
Cleaning Exhaust manifold

Part 5
Exhaust Mixing Elbow reassembly

Part 6
Cleaning original Exhaust Mixing Elbow to keep as spare

For those not concerned with slow bandwidth

Full version Parts 1 through 6 with (37 pictures)