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Amel Super Maramu 2000

Lofrans Tigres Windlass Overhaul

Depending on use the manufacturer recommends changing the oil and outside seals every 1 to 3 years.

Articles such as: "Servicing your electric anchor windlass" suggest every 4 years.

If I understood correctly, Amel said it was not necessary to change the seal.

Therefore if you wish to do it, or if you need to change the shaft because the key warps due to excess pull on the windlass, the following 304 pictures will explain how to do it

With the difficulties I encountered (mostly non-cooperative bolts), it took me 6 half days... so a total of 30 hours
I feel with regular disassembly, maintenance, cleaning, etc. it should be done in 2 half days or less than 10 hours.


What I used:

Lofrans Tigres Parts Breakdown (2013) (.pdf 133 kb)

Lofrans Tigres Parts Breakdown (2001) (.jpg 130 kb)

Lofrans Master Parts List (.pdf 112 kb)

Lofrans Oil Capacity (.pdf 86 kb)


Additionally interesting information:

Lofrans installation, operation manual and maintenance (.jpg 1.2 mb)

Lofrans Tigres (and other) installation, operation & maintenance program (.pdf 1.0 mb)


To make it download friendly, I divided the 304 pictures (90 mb) in 32 sections:

Part 1               10 Pictures from 01 to 7
Preparation, removing the cover of the electric motor, disconnecting the wires

Part 2             17 Pictures from 8 to 24
Unbolting the windlass from the deck (and complications), protecting electric wires, removing the oil

Part 3             8 Pictures from 25 to 32
Extraction of the shove gipsy, gipsy / chain wheel and gipsy holder

Part 4             15 Pictures from 26 to 40
Extraction of the drum, emergency wheel clutch plate and manual emergency wheel

Part 5             8 Pictures from 41 to 48
Opening the windlass, extract broken bolt on cover

Part 6             7 Pictures from 49 to 55
Removing oil seals, bearings, O Ring, on cover

Part 7             13 Pictures from 56 to 68
Removing shaft and its Circlip, washer, spring, Dog Clutch and key

Part 8             5 Pictures from 69 to 73
Removing seal and bearing from the housing, unbolting the electric motor from the housing

Part 9             10 Pictures from 74 to 83
Removing the Worm (shaft) from the electric motor, removing Thrust Ring, Thrust Bearing Spacer, seal, O Ring and key

Part 10             4 Pictures from 84 to 87
Removing oil, lay parts, failed attempt to remove the bolt to inspect the brushes

Part 11             7 Pictures from 88 to 94
Cleaning bolts, shaft, painting the motor to prevent rust

Part 12             6 Pictures from 95 to 100
Removing the Chain Counter "Eye" or sensor

Part 13             8 Pictures from 100 to 107
Removing the Switches on the windlass and cleaning

Part 14             6 Pictures from 108 to 114
Cleaning of the housing, Cover, Deck, attach Anchor Chain to fishing line

Part 15             15 Pictures from 115 to 129
Reassembly of the Shaft Circlip, Wormwheel, keys, Dog Clutch, Spring and Washers

Part 16             16 Pictures from 130 to 145
Reassembly of the Worm (Shaft) with O Ring, Seal,

Part 17             3 Pictures from 146 to 148
Putting key back on Electric motor shaft

Part 18             8 Pictures from 149 to 156
Putting back O Ring and bearing on Motor Cover

Part 19             12 Pictures from 157 to 168
Putting back the Worm (Shaft), bearing and (main) Shaft in the Body

Part 20             9 Pictures from 169 to 177
Bolting back electric motor and putting Cover to Body

Part 21             16 Pictures from 178 to 193
Adding seals back on Cover and Body

Part 22             15 Pictures from 194 to 208
Preparing for Chain Counter "Eye"/sensor, Add Switches on Cover

Part 23             19 Pictures from 209 to 217
Installing new Chain Counter "Eye"/sensor on Cover

Part 24             20 Pictures from 218 to 239
Preparing and bolting the Windlass on Deck

Part 25             5 Pictures from 240 to 244
Reconnecting Electric Cable to Windlass

Part 26             3 Pictures from 245 to 247
Add Gasket on Motor Cover

Part 27             6 Pictures from 248 to 253
Reconnecting Electrical wires to Switches

Part 28             4 Pictures from 254 to 258
Reconnecting electric wires of the Chain Counter "Eye" / Sensor

Part 29             7 Pictures from 259 to 266
Adding Silicone, slide back Motor Cover, add Oil

Part 30             12 Pictures from 267 to 278
Reassembly of the drum, emergency wheel clutch plate and manual emergency wheel

Part 31             16 Pictures from 279 to 294
Reassembly of the shove gipsy, gipsy / chain wheel and gipsy holder

Part 32             6 Pictures from 295 to 300
Testing, putting chain back on