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Amel Super Maramu 2000

Fenders Holders

Lots of people made fun, of the amount of fenders I had.

My philosophy is that fenders are a lot cheaper than repairing a scratch on the hull to repair or an insurance deductible.

I often heard the excuses such as: "I always anchor I don't need them", but eventually you need to come into a marina or dock for provisioning, repair, refuel, or take refuge... and even at anchor, even thought I never had an issue, I would use them as some neighbors were too closed.

I could write for hours on all the times I was happy having all these fenders. In Bahamian or Dominican marinas, some neighbors rubbed.
In Island Water World in Sint Maarten, I had a neighbor that was pushed into the dock (as he lost his engine), thankfully I had 15 fender on his side, otherwise

Then there was my own mistakes, misjudging distance or arriving too early in Staniel cay (post Hurricane Joaquin) , and being pushed against the T Dock. Other time, like in Emerald Bay and Turks & Caicos, the winter wind was so strong (42 kt off the beam) and squeeze the 15 fenders, if I only had 4 I would have been scratches.

So better be safe than sorry, I had fenders from various shape and sizes.
SuperGard fenders (hang vertically you can use fender boards to protect against wood pole)
Big B fenders with center line tube (position horizontally so they will roll against the docks).
Modular flat fenders for limited space or add a layer.
Buoys which are the strongest.
Ranging from 8", 10" and 12" for the cylinder and had 18", 21" and 27" for the Buoys (which can be deflated). So when I was sailing, I had to store these.

 Amel Super Maramu 2000 Fenders Holders

 Amel Super Maramu 2000 Fenders Holders